To be eligible, you must:
  • Have no insurance coverage, including Medicare/Medicaid
  • No VA benefits
  • No County Social Service card
  • Fill out the income verification sheet
  • Meet the Income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level test
  • For every visit to the clinic, fill out the Florida acknowledgement form (This needs to  filled out on the premises)
What to bring…  These are required documents
  • One Photo Identification:
    • Driver License OR
    • State ID Card OR
    • Passport
    • For minor, also need the identification of one of the parents or legal guardian
  • Current Address
  • Contact Phone numbers
  • Email address (if available)


Patient Responsibilities

Please read the following UHI CommunityCare Clinic Patient Responsibilities carefully.  Please follow these guidelines:

Please be On Time — Please come 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that we can process the necessary paperwork. If you are not present at your appointed schedule, you may have to wait till all patients with appointments have been provided services.

Please be Patient — There may be times when the Clinic is short on staff or the physicians are behind schedule.  Please be prepared to wait—-your visit and check out time may take longer than anticipated.

Be Courteous — Most of our physicians, nurses, medical assistants and clerks are volunteering their time to help you.  Absolutely no verbal abuse will be tolerated.

Keep Scheduled Appointments — or call to cancel.


Keep all scheduled referral appointments (for specialists, tests, X-rays, procedures, etc.)– These appointments cannot be rescheduled if you miss them.  (Specialty referrals are ONLY arranged by the clinic.  Tests and appointments are time sensitive.  Failure to meet specialist appointments that have been set specifically for you may result in cancelation and no future re-scheduling.




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